How Law Firms can Implement a CRM System with Ease

Posted by on September 28, 2015 in Customer Relationship Management, Law Firms | Comments Off on How Law Firms can Implement a CRM System with Ease

Information management is an essential aspect in any office, most law firms deal with an influx of information, and it makes it tricky to manage all the contacts and information at once without getting buried in unnecessary battle. When a firm is still small, it can manage their information and files with ease but as the company grows large it can be a daunting task.

Members in one organization cannot even get time to gather information from other members and may not be aware of previously established relationships since each attorney works on different cases at a time. It presents a challenge for the firms to collective use the intelligence and maintain the existing customer relationship while paving way for newer relationships. However, the use of contact/client relationship management system or CRM, which allows the firm to manage all the contacts or clients a central location with numerous levels of security, installed. The current programming allows the synchrony of email programs such as outlook among others; with this, you can manage individual and company emails with ease.

It is imperative that firms institutionalize the information that is on the employee’s heads to ease delivery of high quality service. In the recent past without the CRM, it can be difficult to manage information, if a law firm wants to mail an announcement or newsletter to a certain group of people it can be a daunting task because collecting names, checking for duplicate content and accuracy can consume a lot of time, which can be easily done by computers. With the CRM all, the contacts are in the database and the only work is to create a category for the information that requires tracking. Most CRM systems allow law firms to manage an event or track the success of the activity mainly in terms of following up contacts who might be future clients. It is however important for law firms seeking a new CRM system to look for a product that will allow them to associate the results of an activity with that of the cost per person for the same.

A major challenge that most law firms face when installing CRM systems is that the lawyers are not comfortable sharing the info. However, when there is confidentiality and privacy the system works perfectly. The encoding of information in various security levels allows to deal with personal concerns easily, the contact might be listed as public, but the contact information is not present on the public domain unless accessed via numerous security levels. Centralizing the information through the database provides continuity in service delivery even when the lawyer retires or when the attorney is on vacation. CRM system is a powerful tool that can be used to manage contacts and relationships as well, the contacts that are integrated unto the systems add meaningful feature to the company. Contact management can be integrated with billing software, accounting, human resource, and document management systems. Moreover, CRM provides an avenue for understanding what is being done by the subsidiaries and the parent company.